that time i was tom cruise for a day

slide 1 and 2slide 4 and 5

1.  Easiest Halloween costume ever.

2. I scored the men’s shirt at a thrift shop for $9. The socks and wayfarer sunglasses came from Bob. Homemade costumes are my favorite.

3. Bob Seger was singing his old time rock ‘n rolls in the background while I was getting ready. It was essential for getting into character. I’d imagine if I were to ever dress up as Top Gun Tom Cruise, I’d do it to Danger Zone, the ultimate getting-pumped-up 80’s song and my favorite from Kenny Loggins (Footloose never hooked me like Danger Zone did). I’ve actually thought a lot about this.

4.  The slide is absolutely a must and it has to be perfected. If going to a Halloween party dressed as Tom Cruise from Risky Business, you will be called upon to make a few slick entrances. I know this from personal experience.

tom and me

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