jaxon’s birthday/halloween party

cakeMy nephew Jaxon’s birthday is the day after Halloween so he always get the most elaborate Halloween-themed birthday party filled with spooky treats, fun decorations and a bunch of guests decked out in costume. What a lucky kid! Excuse me, a lucky 4 year-old kid now!partyThat’s him up there dressed as Superman. When we all sang “Happy Birthday”, he suddenly became very shy, put his fingers in his mouth and refused to look at anyone but his mother. It was adorable.


party2Bob as a Trekkie (hint: look at the ears! Also, I’m covering his insignia). Me as Tom Cruise. My brother as something gross and frightening. And all the kids (pictured below) as either princesses or superheroes. I couldn’t snap a non-blurry photo of them because they were either dancing, jumping or running. Naturally.


ninjaMy nephew Mason is probably the only kid I know that will stand still and play up to the camera like he does (that cute little ham). He takes his role as a ninja very seriously. Those karate lessons are really paying off.

blowing out the candles

This time of year is just pure fun, isn’t it? I’m already brainstorming costume ideas for next year. I’ve been dying to go as 90’s Courtney Love for a few years now, but it requires an appropriate venue (read: not a child’s birthday party).

Did you dress up too? Or are you going to?

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  1. I love the cake in the first shot.
    I was thinking of being Elaine Benes from Seinfeld. I’m running out of time to decide though!

    • Jillian says:

      Oh, I love that idea! Your biggest challenge would probably be the hair, depending on whether you go early Elaine or later Elaine. I’d prefer early Elaine myself. The teased bouffant is a thing of beauty. And don’t forget to do the the “little kicks”.

  2. rooth says:

    That cake is ridiculously awesome!!

  3. Emily Smith says:

    What a fantastic birthday party!! He must have had a blast!!

  4. Lena says:

    What a wonderful celebration–and that cake is incredible!

  5. Awesome cake. Looks like it was a great birthday party!
    The Way to My Hart

  6. Lauren says:

    Oh my gosh! What an awesome birthday party! We just wound up trick-or-treating around here and there were LOTS of Ninjas. Best we saw was an older kid (maybe 11 or 12) as Napoleon Dynamite. Boots and everything. I never dress up. #solame We were at a Halloween party on Saturday hosted by a colleague of my husband’s…this guy is the most serious infectious disease MD you could meet. Last year he was dressed as a pirate and this year he was dressed as the Phantom of the Opera. So weird! Someone who rarely cracks a smile all dressed up? He and Neel (my husband) had to go present their data for a grant the Monday after the party, and I suggested that he wear his cape. 😉

    • Jillian says:

      Napoleon Dynamite! I haven’t seen anyone dressed as him, but that’s an amazing costume. Sometimes the people who are soooo into Halloween are the ones you least expect to. Good suggestion though! Hope they got grant!

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