i will only eat oatmeal that tastes like pie

pumpkin oatmeal

Once every year around this time, I will attempt to like oatmeal. And every year, I try to jazz it up by adding berries, fruit, granola, spices,  or whatever it is that will make it taste good. And every year, I still loathe the stuff. Except this time.

This oatmeal recipe looked especially good and so, like clockwork, I bookmarked it, had medium to high expectations (as I usually do), and made it just as soon as I bought all the ingredients. Hours after cooking in the slow-cooker (which by the way, is a miracle kitchen appliance!), came an oatmeal that tastes exactly like pumpkin pie. It’s spicy, warming and made even better when topped with a tablespoon or two of maple syrup.

Here is the recipe. Oatmeal haters tip: The steel cut oats are a must, especially for those that don’t like the mushy texture of regular oatmeal. Also, I halved the amount of water suggested and found that I didn’t need to cook it for so long, as I feared the oats would get too soft for my liking.

Speaking of which, do you remember Andie Macdowell’s song about pie? She is seriously adorable.
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