an afternoon of me, myself and i


Saturday morning and afternoon, I found myself with some extra alone time on my hands. Bob had gone to work at New York Comic Con and my other plans with a friend fell through, so I was left wondering what exactly to do with myself.

Oh, there was plenty I could have done. Like mop the floors, put a pile of papers through the shredder or fold the laundry. Instead, I flipped through some Thanksgiving-themed magazines, made Nutella fudgesicles, brushed up on some old AFI songs (more on this later) and took a short walk through Astoria Park. In all fairness, I picked up some groceries so the day wasn’t completely unproductive. But more on the park because no one wants to read about my food shopping adventures. Although I do have much to say on the topic. Like, why doesn’t the store carry chocolate-covered almonds? Or chocolate Pop-Tarts, for that matter?

crunchy leaves at astoria park

The park was surprisingly empty for a gorgeous weekend afternoon, but that’s what made it so wonderful. When alone, I tend to take more notice of my surroundings and find myself looking up more and really taking it in.

hell gate bridge

Of course when you’re looking up, it means you’re not looking down. So, while Instagramming this picture of the Hell Gate bridge, I noticed that the grass below me felt particularly soft. When I looked at my shoe, there was a nice smear of dog shit all over the bottom. And it was really in those crevices, you know? But look at the picture that came of it! Worth it? Er…

kite flying 2

I rarely just “hang out” with myself.  This is not including, running errands, commuting to work or internet/tv time and things of that nature. Things more along the lines of taking a leisurely walk, seeing a movie or just sitting at a café with a cup of coffee. It’s fun to share these pleasurable experiences with other people, but once in a while, it’s cool to do it with me and me alone. As it turns out, I kinda’ like my own company.

6 responses to “an afternoon of me, myself and i”

  1. Going to Astoria Park is totally my “Me time”. I dragged Vin there this Sunday and it wasn’t the same. (sorry vin). And hey! On the bright side regarding the dog schmear, at least it’s not flip-flop season!!

    Your last line reminded me of the quote from my favorite person ever featured on Humans of New York. “I love being alone. I’m fabulous.”

  2. rooth says:

    Blergh, I hope you were able to get your shoes cleaned off but yes, the pictures are beautiful. That’s one lovely fall afternoon

  3. Jamillah says:

    god i am dying for alone time!!! dying!!! lol, instagram more carefully friend.

  4. Lauren says:

    I work at home alone, and I love it. But I’m generally busy (and there are the three dogs, so it’s not quite the same!), so oddly some of my best alone time comes in the car. Sitting in the car pool line waiting to pick up my son at school is not nearly as nice as that sweet (and stinky) walk of yours, but I get some good daydreaming in. Never enough.

  5. ashley says:

    What, no picture of the poop? 😛

    I love alone time. And with that scenery, there’s plenty of company.

  6. Lena says:

    I absolutely love long walks on my own–they give you time clear your head, which I can’t get enough of when things are busy!

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