afi and other concert memories

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I’ve seen AFI in concert 3 times and all of those times they have never  failed to put on the most energetic, drama-filled, awe-inspiring show. It’s no wonder the crowd goes insane with moshing, crowd-surfing and all that craziness, which is precisely why I always choose to watch the show from the side. Rule of thumb: Safer on the sidelines!

When I went to rock shows as a teenager, I would wait in line about 2 or 3 hours prior to showtime, just to make sure I was front row center and pushed right up against that metal gate. That meant standing for hours with no bathroom break, hundreds of sweaty people pushing from behind you and surfers flying overhead (which was always a little unsettling, especially when hit in the head by feet and elbows and other random body parts). All for the sake of being able to touch the band, feel that energy up close and the very real possibility of having the lead singer hold the mic in front of you (this actually happened to me once). Fun, right?! One time, my friend Jen and I were at a Cold  concert and one of the stage crew members accidentally threw a water bottle at my face, causing a nasty gash under my eye. I still have the (very faint) scar and proudly call it my “battle wound”. I’m lucky that’s the worst thing that’s happened to me at a concert.

Anyway, AFI. Oh, that show was amaaaazing! In the video below, you’ll see that Davey likes to literally step on his fans. Love him.

And be sure to watch it in HD! The quality is so much clearer.

If you missed it, head on over to my Instagram to see him somersault into the crowd. Awesomeness times 10.

p.s. If you’re looking at this post via email, you’ll have to direct to the actual webpage to see the video above.
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