the end of an era once again

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Friday night was our last night for the three of us (me, Tanya, Val) to have at it one last time before Val went back to Spain for another year.

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Along our travels, we encountered many instances and people not limited to a shirtless dancing man in overalls, a bouncer who was adamant we find him on Instagram, a guy who lectured me on how I should be “walking on people” instead of waiting for them and a dramatic alcohol-infused spat between two friends on the sidewalk (which may or may not have included two of us and for which I may or may not be deeply ashamed for such public foolishness, but has since been resolved). It all ended with a flaming garbage can and two brave guys unsuccessfully attempting to put out the fire themselves. It was a FULL and exhausting night, to say the least.

I never fully recovered from that late late night, since I tend to not sleep in on the weekends. It’s a thing.

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Dinner at In Vino in the East Village (highly recommended!)

For better or for worse, our summer adventures certainly ended with a bang. Summer 2013, you kept me plenty busy.

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