Part of Saturday night was spent wandering lower Manhattan and killing time before an event Bob and I were going to (more on that later).


During non-business hours, the area around the courthouses and precincts are essentially a wasteland. There are barely any people on the streets, which makes for some prime picture-taking.


When this happens, there’s this selfish feeling you get. That the city is only yours for the taking. For just a few moments, you think it might be a good idea to run around the streets, weaving in and out of all these terribly tall and important buildings, just to get a peek at the great things that go on inside.

I have this insatiable curiosity for the goings-on and happenings of the inside, most notably people’s homes. I’m fascinated by the things I don’t know and it’s partly the reason why I subscribe to so many personal blogs. To be a little nosy. And a note to the people that have no curtains or blinds: you better believe I’m looking in.

But that’s what people without curtains or blinds want, right? They want you to look. I mean. Don’t mind if I do. I like to see what’s been done with the place.

firehouseI’ll happily enjoy the view from the outside.

5 responses to “downtown”

  1. angela says:

    A marvelous writting about city living! We live in the country in a town of less than 700 people and to see a town of 70 thousand or so we need to travel over 3 hrs. Big cities are scary to me but I love to go to big cities on vacations and to attend cultural events. Love the architecture of old buildings and the clean lines of new ones. You sure got great photos, it’s treat for me to see your side of the world :) . Have a great week !!

  2. Rowena says:

    This is right around my neighborhood and I have to say that I do love how peaceful it is during the evenings and weekends.

    Rowena @ rolala loves

  3. Lena says:

    Such gorgeous images, and a beautiful post.

  4. ashley says:

    Hehe. I am the same way. That is why my favorite ‘museums’ are the ones where all the old furniture and paintings are in tact in an old home/castle. I get to look into an old life and I love it!

  5. Melanie says:

    Hello from Germany!!! I loove Manhattan, especially since my vacation there in 2007. I wonder if Café 28 is still the same 😉

    best wishes

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