a fall wedding

first dance

My good friend Gage (real name: Jennifer) got married this weekend. The ceremony and reception were held at The Central Park Boathouse, which is just the loveliest, most romantic spot for getting hitched. The place has a great view of the water, surrounded by tall trees and even taller high-rises peeking behind those trees. It was a gorgeous night.

central parkIt was really interesting to witness two cultures coming together. There was the lively hora (check it on my Vine here!), which I’d never seen in person and looks equal parts terrifying and fun. That was promptly followed up with Spanish music, at which point everyone paired up and danced the night away.

jen and meNot many pictures were taken because we were too busy being those people that danced the night away. I actually got Bob to dance for most of the night, which is a BIG deal if you know anything about him. I still can’t even believe it and we were both hot, sweaty messes by the end of it. Although after he reads this, I’m sure next time he’ll go back to his non-dancing ways just to be stubborn about it.


So today Gage is married and just yesterday, it seems, we were sitting in a booth at Popeye’s after school and talking about boys and our cute chem teacher (of whom we still mention from time to time). Today she is married and just yesterday we cut class to hang out at a friend’s house and watch him practice music with his band. In short, we’ve come a good long way and it’s been a fascinating journey. With more memories to come, I’m sure!

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