saturday night

me and val

(Instagram: @jillianm55)

So…Saturday night. It was a dress and heels kind of night, as you can see. Val‘s boyfriend flew into town from Spain, so we figured we should introduce to him to the energetic New York City nightlife. The first night in New York needs to start off with a bang. This, of course, goes without saying.

We hopped from place to place and got all kinds of silly. First up, two bars in the lower east side that were overly loud and ridiculous. So we headed a little more upward to Arrow, which had something for everyone. It was first and foremost a bar, but it had space for dancing and some pretty great music. I’m definitely partial to places that just happen to have dance floors, as opposed to clubby spots with strict dress codes. And I honestly don’t think I’ve ever heard Bump ‘n Grind played at a bar before. YES! There’s nothing like those slow ’90s jamz to get you going. Note: ‘jams’ instantly becomes ‘jamz‘ when you refer to ’90s R&B. It just is so.

There was a lot “that’s my soooong!”, a mini-high school reunion and some comparing of signature dance moves. I was told mine is some kind of come-hither hand thing (I had no idea!), while Val’s is a bouncy move and she looks everywhere but at the person she’s dancing with. This was all kind of enlightening for the whole group.

Needless to say, tremendous amounts of fun were had and we are definitely squeezing the ever-loving heck out of this summer. I’m loving it.

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