living in the jazz age, just for a day

end prohibition

Each year The Roaring Twenties comes alive on Governors Island to bring its annual Jazz Age Lawn Party to the masses. With each year, it seems to get bigger, better and more glamorous.


baby and friends

I don’t think I’ve ever seen such spectacular outfits all in one place before. I think I might have pointed out over ten dresses that I absolutely adored and wished I was wearing myself. Admittedly, I was a bit of a dud this year and didn’t dress the part (aside from a headband). I’m making up for that next time around.




My friend Tanya will make a brilliant street photographer. She has no problem asking people to pose for their picture.


And this is the point where I assess my wardrobe and think, I need more fringe and pearls and newsboy caps.

p.s. Pictures 1, 3 (the right picture), 4 and 7 were taken by my lovely friend Tanya (seen in the third picture, white dress).
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