rainy beach walk


Every summer for the past few years, Bob’s uncle rents a beach house in Peconic, Long Island and invites us over to enjoy the private beach and their lovely home. Each time it has been almost unbearably hot and therefore a perfect day to cool off in the still waters of the bay.


But this year, it rained ALL DAY. And since, the main attraction is the beautiful beach we decided, you know what? A little rain shouldn’t stop us from going to the beach. Let’s do this!

puddle umbrella

throwing rocks

We walked near the water, spotting tons of unique shells and pebbles. It was one of the most serene walks and it ended with a lovely shot of a rainbow spanning from one side of the bay to the other. Gorgeous!


Though the sun was playing shy that day, it still went down as one of my favorite times in Peconic.


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