it’s hot outside, but in here it’s sweater weather

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When someone asks me on a Monday how my weekend was, I usually just smile and say, “It was good! I did this and that and little bit of x, y and z. How was yours?”. Oh, but this weekend? It was different. Because it wasn’t just good. And I’m not just smiling about it. I’m BEAMING.

On Saturday, my friend Val and I went to see The Neighbourhood at Bowery Ballroom and it was so so so fantastic. I mean, I love this band. They are cool. They are sexy. They are creating amazing music. Music that makes me want to dance, cry, laugh and jump in the ocean with my all clothes on.

Some of you on Instagram may have seen a bit of their Sweater Weather performance (and some of the opening act, which I have since found out is JMSN – they were great too!). But I wanted to share a clip I filmed of one of my other favorite songs here:

(If you happen to be viewing this post from an email, you’ll have to click on my webpage to view the video. For some reason, Youtube doesn’t play well with my email subscriptions)

On another note, The Bowery Ballroom is such a great New York venue for concerts. It’s small, intimate and even with a sold-out crowd, didn’t feel as though it was packed to the brim. We scored a sweet spot on the balcony with seats, so we were able to sit and enjoy our gin and tonics in between sets. It’s the kind of place where you can stand anywhere and still get a great view of the stage. In other words, ideal for short people! Because let’s be honest, we’re the ones who are always getting screwed at these types of events, am I right?

I also caught a bit of their performance of Flawless – check it out here. I now know that in order for videos to appear full screen on Youtube, they need to be filmed while holding my phone horizontally. Okay okay, lesson learned!

5 responses to “it’s hot outside, but in here it’s sweater weather”

  1. Lena says:

    What an incredible weekend–hope it keeps you smiling all week!

  2. Georgina says:

    Sounds like a pretty good weekend! I had a very similar answer to that question this week; unfortunately my co-worker knew I’d spent my weekend with the boyfriend and took my excitable response to mean I was engaged. Awkward.

  3. Sarah says:

    ah that concert looks like it was great! I love ones that are more underground, much more cozy. And I’ve never heard that band before, but they’re good! Right up my alley.


  4. ashley says:

    What other songs do you like besides the Sweater Weather song? I like them, and I need to know what else is good from them :)

    • Jillian says:

      OMG EVERYTHING! They’re entire album is amazing, including their EPs. But one of my favorite songs is W.D.Y.W.F.M. Such a sexy tune. A Little Death is great too, as is Leaving Tonight. Spotify it!

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