bastille day street fair


…where the French and the francophiles alike come together to celebrate this French national holiday. The energy was high, the streets crowded and the pastries buttery.


Sometimes being outside in what feels like 99 degree weather and standing shoulder to shoulder with sweaty people doesn’t sound like the best way to spend your afternoon. There were definitely times when I felt like I just wanted to elbow people out of the way just to get at some almond croissants. But if you arm yourself with light clothes and some extra patience, it’s a fun experience.





A little bit of ambiance (courtesy of a very talented accordion player), flaky tarts, merguez sandwiches, live performances and macarons galore.


fruitThe season so far has been treating me very well. Summers in New York bring forth so many events and activities that it’s almost impossible to be bored. Although, FOMO —aka “fear of missing out”—has a tendency to creep up on me during this time of year and I’m all, “I want to go here!”, “But I want to be there too!”. My cure is to just take one day every once in a while to say “Eff it!”, stay home, bask in the glorious air conditioning, watch movies and stay far away from the internet. It works wonders for my fidgety self’s sanity.

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