adventures in babysitting, II

bob and the kids1

Oh boy! Or should I say, boys? Or should I say hurricanes? Because these boys are forces. Freakishly energetic, staunchly opinionated (on matters of how they take their eggs and things of that nature) and obsessed with pretty much every mainstream superhero. We had a heck of a day keeping up with my nephews this time around. They were here, they were there and then they were locking themselves in our bedroom and threatening to not come out (long story, happy ending).


When they tell you they actually want to take a nap? Well, that’s just about the best thing ever because it just so happens that you’d like to take a nap too. Until you realize they don’t actually mean it and instead want to play an exciting game of “Catch me under the covers!” Whatever makes ’em happy :)

bob and the kids2

Honestly, they were a joy and they make me laugh. It was a little warm in the apartment and Jax made it known, “I want to go someplace cold!” which Mason then countered with “Do you wanna go to the Arctic?!”. Um okay, 5 year-old. You are too darn cute/funny in my eyes. Also, I love that you know what the Arctic is.

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