4th of july bbq

slip n slide

This year’s 4th of July festivities were very much like last year’s and the year before: Hot (make that sweltering!), ribs and rice up the wazoo, visiting family and water activities for the boys.


You see…my Dad takes his bbqs very seriously.fancy spread


The newest addition to the family, Miles is only but a week-old in this picture! He was expected in August, but decided to join us a little earlier. Who can blame him? We’re a fun bunch, if I do say so myself!
aida n miles

ricemagie n mikecape

Good good times. No fireworks to speak of or show, except for the illegal ones we saw alongside the highway on the way home. But I’d gladly sacrifice a lights show for my dad’s ribs and my grandmother’s bacon rice. BEST EVER.

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