pass the sophie please

This was meant to be a totally different post. I was going to tell you a bit about my weekend and how my grandmother flew into town from PR. I was going to show you some pics of the rosé we sipped, the yummy arepas we ate and a good ol’ fashioned game of dominos. But instead, I’m allowing  this post to be hijacked.

And the culprit is none other than this guilty looking pup down below.

miriam and sophieLast Saturday, Bob and I spent the entire afternoon and evening in my parents’ backyard eating barbecue, relaxing and loving on the neighbor’s dog, Sophie. As soon as the princess appears, it immediately turns into The Sophie Show. Sophie sits! Sophie stays! Sophie tilts her head! Sophie, Sophie, Sophie!

It’s safe to assume she spent most of that day in people’s arms. EVERYONE wants to hold the baby.

dad and sophie


We are so dog and sophie

bob and sophie

Oh and one more thing:

yawning sophie copy

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