and it’s not even valentine’s day


The other day, I came home in a rotten mood after a somewhat hellish commute. It was a terribly sticky afternoon of train delays and sleazy cat-calls on a lonely walk to the bus stop, which also had extensive delays. After finally deciding to hail a cab, the first driver that pulled up refused to take me to my destination, at which I promptly yelled in the passenger window, “You’re effing* wasting my time!”. The second was nice enough until I found out too late that the cost of the ride was horribly overpriced. I could have really used a punching bag that day.

Well, I’m pretty sure Bob noticed my grumpiness because the next evening I found these flowers on the the counter welcoming me home with all of its prettiness.

This guy of mine. He really is the best at cheering me up (though not the best at flower arranging, haha).

*I may have used a different word.

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