first bbq of 2013

me and janey

Sunday was jam-packed with the good stuff: the sun finally came out of hibernation and the family gathered for a bbq at my parents’ place.

burgers and franks kids

The last weekend of May is always pretty wonderful because it’s the kickstarter for more bbqs to come. Perfectly-charred food fresh from the grill, cool drinks on the patio and the nephews runing around and splashing in the kiddie pool. Summer hasn’t even officially started yet and I’m already wishing for it to never leave!

grandpa food

It was my grandfather’s birthday too. Nine out of ten times, if you see a photo of him here, he’s dancing (or laughing). He dances anywhere, as long as there’s salsa music being played. He’s even been known to dance on his busy sidewalk in Brooklyn, while blasting music out of his car.



And speaking of family, I have another nephew on the way! Pretty soon, these get-togethers are going to be overrun by all these mishievous little boys.

janey and aida


Other weekend-y notes:
1. I got Bob to dance to two songs (!) at his cousin’s grad party. It’s all his family can talk about now.
2. Joe Abbraciamento‘s in Queens has the best mozzarella sticks I’ve ever had. I’m still thinking about it several days later.
3. Finally saw The Great Gatsby and loved the spot-on performances. I would have preferred to hear jazz in the movie, not Jay-z. It was the Jazz Age, after all.
4. I also watched Django Unchained and, as a result, can not stop listening to this awesome song.

8 responses to “first bbq of 2013”

  1. rooth says:

    My goodness, that’s a rowdy little group of boys. I love seeing pictures from your family get-togethers. Everyone is always smiling and laughing

  2. ashley says:

    I just adore that photo of the three little guys. Straight outta a magazine!

  3. Yelle says:

    I love summer for the same reasons – bbqs all the time! I’m already looking forward to cooler weather down here in Florida, but I do want more gatherings just like these before its over – they’re perfect!

  4. You guys had a great time! The food looked beyond delish! Now THAT is what I call a BBQ. Love the cake!

  5. Laura says:

    That sounds like a fun weekend!
    I’ve heard the same about Great Gatsby – that the music seems out of place. I’ll still see it though! I’ve heard the costumes are amazing.

  6. Lena says:

    What a delicious weekend–how I miss a good grill!

  7. Jamillah says:

    OMG! Your nephew! Batman! I can’t take it! Your parents’ house kind of looks like the most perfect place for a bbq…how fortunate is that 😀 ?!

    I have to check out Joe Abbracciamento! Will definitely make it for my next dinner date with my queens girls :D.

  8. colleen says:

    i always love the posts about your family – so full of life and good food!!! a few other things – congrats on the nephew (!!), a leonoardo dicaprio filled weekend and HOOOOT DOOOOGGGGSSSSS :)

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