Who said the 80’s were tacky? My mom was absolutely fabulous during that decade (and still is!), as I learned this weekend while sifting through some old boxes of toys, clothes and photos.

Also in those same boxes, I found this hunky specimen. Oh yes.

My mom makes it look so easy. She has done so much for this family without so much as a single complaint. She is nurturing, goofy, patient, extremely huggable and is the best shopping buddy a girl could ask for (When we’re trying on clothes in the fitting room, her best line is “Mmmm..that does nothing for you”. Gotta’ respect the honesty. I’ve since picked up that line when shopping with friends, which I hope they appreciate as much as I do!). At our family get-togethers, she’s the one working hard behind the scenes, cleaning and making things comfortable for everyone. And she also makes the meanest bowl of comforting rice with milk (even better than my grandmother’s, ssshhh). She is so much more than I could possibly ever put into words here. There isn’t enough space or time to express it! Thanks Mom for being your lovely self.

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