eat this salad

thai salad

“Salad is not dinner.”

Is what I used to say before I tried this salad.

This Thai crunch salad looked similar to the Thai pizza at California Pizza Kitchen that is possibly one of the more delicious things to ever exist, so giving this a go seemed a no-brainer. I whipped it up for dinner and, after the first bite, practically dove into all of its yummy glory. I love the crunchy/soft contrast but the sweet chili dressing is the real showstopper.

For posts like these, I’ll usually post a version of the recipe here, but since mine was only slightly adapted from the original (and also I’m a wee bit lazy this week), see here for the full recipe. I omitted the onions, cucumbers and carrots and added a few drops of Sriracha sauce for a little kick.

So good, in fact, Bob completely forgot his aversion to raw cabbage while eating this. I was delighted when he took a few bites, looked at me and said incredulously, “Wow, this is really good”. His eyebrows were furrowed so I knew he meant serious business. The proof is always in the eyebrows.

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