threeAll I wanted for my birthday this year was to have a couple of my closest friends over, pizza, wine and a little coquito that Bob and I brought back from Puerto Rico a few weeks ago. Coquito is traditionally saved for Christmas, but since I regard my birthday as holiday in my head, it was absolutely appropriate to break it out.

jen and tanya2bob tanya

I think this might be a record for me. Blog post in which drinks make it into 99% of the photos! How many drinks can we spot?
me and jenJust kidding. We’ll stop it right here. My future employer(s) may be looking and shaking their heads. Or my Mom.

Okay, just one more because I love my friends in this picture.
jen and tanya - black and whiteAnd a pretty awesome rendition of one of my favorite 90’s jams right here, sung by Jen.

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