prospect park food truck rally

fountainMy friend Jen is a champ. In the time that it took me to get to two food trucks, she had already downed food from four different trucks. Champ!

I’m sure she’s thrilled that I’m telling you that.

eating sip

She’s a food truck ralley vet and this time I joined her at the one in Prospect Park. Jen knows her way around these things and makes a beeline for her target, while I’m standing there thinking, Hmmm…what do I want? So many choices! Total amateur.

juice truck

I finally decided on a pulled pork grilled cheese (good!) and tater tots (better!) at Gorilla Cheese NYC and a waffle topped with strawberries, custard and cookie crumbles (best!) at Wafels & Dinges.

grilled cheese and waffle

Sadly, I didn’t make it to Coolhaus for the ginormous ice cream sandwiches or empanadas at Nuchas, but I take comfort in the fact that the rally is held bi-monthly until October, so I have the whole summer to eat my way through every truck. That’s a good summer goal, right? Eat as much as possible?

Food makes me so happy though.


And friends. Friends make me happy too. Even when some of them photo-bomb our pictures.

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