like cake for breakfast…kind of

yogurt-and-granolaPlain Greek yogurt doesn’t cut it for me, so I usually jazz it up with some fresh berries or honey. I came across Love Crunch Carrot Cake granola at the store and decided to try it, solely based on the small picture of cake on the package. Packaging gets me every time!

It tastes just like carrot cake – as much as granola can taste like carrot cake, anyway – which I LOVE. I probably end up putting way more granola in the yogurt than what’s considered a healthy amount, but it’s just that good. I know the concept of yogurt and granola isn’t new, but Love Crunch has some of the most delicious flavors of granola I’ve seen at the supermarket that it’s worth a mention. Flavors like Dark Chocolate & Berries, which Bob vouches for, and Apple Crumble, which I’m expecting to taste just like pie.  It makes for a satisfying and fuss-free breakfast, especially when you’re working and eating simultaneously.

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