jen and anthony’s wedding…once more with feeling

You might remember a few weeks ago, my friend Jennifer got married. Well, the professional photos finally came in and I wanted to share them here because they are beautiful!

The groomsmen’s Converse sneakers, the colors, the rock album covers on every table – every little detail you see here is totally representative of the married couple’s personalities and tastes.

A good portion of the pictures were taken outdoors, on a day that was 30 degrees F, but with the wind chill actually felt like 11. I think everyone looks great and so composed in the pictures but we were freezing our bums off. You could hear the chatter of teeth in between takes. We ran from our party bus to Brooklyn Bridge park to take some group shots and quickly ran back. I don’t think I’ve ever been so fast with heels on.

But we quickly turned into sweaty messes on the dance floor…

and danced all night!

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