to grandmother’s house we go

Bob and I flew out to Vieques, a day after my parents and their two friends arrived, as a birthday surprise to my grandmother. She was shocked! Pleasantly so. I snuck up behind her and she let out a little gasp and we hugged tightly for a while. It was a pretty nice feeling.

My grandmother lives in cozy pink house in Vieques. There you can find the typical grandmotherly things like tiny glass ornaments, antique furniture, a china closet for all the “good” china, worn photo albums, the constant smell of something cooking in the kitchen and plastic-covered sofas (seriously, don’t sweat on those things or you’re stuck to it forever). Oh yeah…and no air conditioner!

But I love it. Nothing has changed since the last time I visited too many years ago. Her face powder is still in that spot between the bathroom sink and the wall with the light switch. The vegetable and fruit magnets are still stuck to that vent over the oven. Same curtains, same picture frames, same drinking glasses, same, same, same. It’s such a comforting feeling, seeing all these things unchanged in a world where everything changes eventually.

But here is where I feel like I’m 9 years-old. It’s like I never left.

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  1. That was so nice of you guys! I know she enjoyed herself. My aunt whose older is the same way. Nothing changes in her home. That baby picture of you is too cute!

  2. I don’t have air conditioning either. It’s not a fun situation.
    Your grandmother’s house looks like my grandmothers. Super cute?
    That food looks so good. I need to get lunch…now :)

    I agree with you about things that go unchanged. It can be comforting. :)

  3. sherri lynn says:

    That is my favorite thing about grandparents’ houses: that everything stays the same. My grandparents sold their house last year (where they’d lived for 50 years!), and it still makes me sad to think that I can’t go there again. I did feel like a little girl each time I would visit, and there’s something so magical about feeling like that.

  4. Lena says:

    Those beach snapshots are absolutely envy-inducing, but this post makes me so happily homesick. What an amazing trip!

  5. Alyssa says:

    Wow, that tea set is lovely!
    Grandmother’s houses make for such great memories.

  6. Micah says:

    Hmm. I super love this. I miss my grandma, and my grandpa, and the comfort and love I always felt in their house. Special memories that can never be forgotten were made there! <3

  7. rooth says:

    What a sweet sweet surprise, I bet that was the best birthday gift

  8. Pink Ronnie says:

    Must be so special to have her home as such a ‘constant’ in your life… to know that whenever you visit, things will always be the same as when you were little. I love that old photo album – are those photos of you?
    Ronnie xo

  9. Jillian says:

    Absolutely it does. And yes, those photos are of me!

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