my unfinished works

Can you see this being a title of a Lifetime movie?

I was digging through an old box the other day and found some of my old journals. Like, really old. Grade school old.

I used to write like mad! It seemed almost every week, I had a new idea for the next novel, song, screenplay or poem I was going to pen. Skimming through some of the pages, I realized a pretty common theme. Lots of darkness. Revenge, murder, betrayal, depression.

I’d like to share some snippets of these masterpieces with you, if you don’t mind:

But wait it gets even more depressing…

This family can not catch a break! And it’s only chapter two!

Kind of a hardened view of life and love for 16 year-old Michael Lendon, huh?

Apparently, I was going through a Scream/I Know What You Did Last Summer phase.

Are you thinking what I’m thinking? Finish writing the stories, right?!

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