when your best friend gets married

Jennifer and Anthony  got married last weekend.

I can’t speak for the couple, but it seemed that all the planning (read: headaches) it took to get to the big day, was all worth it. I say that because after seeing the looks on both of their faces, it would be hard to say that it wasn’t. This was one of the happiest occasions I’ve ever experienced.  As a friend and a first-time bridesmaid, I so loved being a part of it.

Since I was in the wedding party, it didn’t allow for many pictures to be taken on my part. Which was okay, since the pros managed to catch all the good stuff anyway. You know, laughing, dancing like fools, singing our hearts out, occasional floor posing (don’t ask) and too many photo booth shoots (seriously, those things are FUN!). And I’m pretty certain that the videographer caught an impromptu end-of-the-night performance of “Bohemian Rhapsody” by a small bunch of us. Best way to end a wedding, ever.

There’s something about greeting cards that makes me want to write really generic things like”best wishes!” and “congratulations!”, instead of something more thoughful and poignant. I didn’t get the chance to be meaningful, so I’m taking this space here to say that even though I’ve been thanked profusely for being a part of the wedding, that it’s really me who should be doing the thanking. I’m thankful for being a part of this love story…more than you’ll know. And that even though I managed to keep it together at the wedding (mostly because I was very aware that I was not wearing waterproof mascara), there were points when my throat became tight and the tears just kind of lingered around the ducts and I thought to myself, wow, my best friend is getting married. I am so happy right now.

Oh and the Venetian hour at Russo’s On The Bay is sick and obscene and ridiculous. Cakes, cookies, popcorn, cotton candy, pastries, chocolate fondue, crepes, waffles, ice cream… It was not dessert. It was an experience.

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