tanya and the cat curse. and sushi.

My friend Tanya texted me Thursday night. “I need some Jilly time!”.

I texted her back. “I need Tanya in my pocket!”.

And so Friday night, we made it a proper girls night with spicy tuna rolls, dumplings, spring rolls & sake at Watawa and entirely too much time spent at the liquor store looking for the “perfect” red wine under $15 (we went with Cupcake’s Cabernet).

Tanya is one of those friends that keeps me endlessly entertained with her loony antics and theories of cat curses. Many years ago, a young Tanya was playing with a kitten. He died the next day. A few years later, she was petting another cat when she started sneezing and getting itchy all over.

“The dead kitten cursed me”, she said, matter-of-factly. I laughed and suggested she might have naturally developed the reaction over time, as some people tend to do. Tanya shook her head and told me that the dead kitten was angry with her for playing with him too roughly, and so he cursed her with an allergy.

“And that’s why I hate cats”.

This is Tanya – superstitious and stubborn. We have sort of an “opposites attract” friendship. But we have the important things in common, like our love for food, wine, dancing and our history of getting kicked out of freshman math class together for talking too much. And sometimes, that’s exactly what you need on a Friday night.

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