creamy roasted garlic pasta

Just a few months ago, I started receiving a subscription to Martha Stewart Living magazine. I didn’t pay or sign up for it. It just started showing up in my mailbox one day and since I like free stuff, I didn’t question it. Anyway, this month it came with a little insert from its companion magazine Everyday Food. In it, was this recipe. I read, creamy roasted garlic pa…okay I’m in!

Normally, I like to make something a few times before I post it on here, but I had to make an exception for this one. I kind of knew it would result in something impressive.

I love roasted garlic. I love cream. I love pasta.

I love lamp.

Creamy Roasted Garlic Pasta (adapted from Everyday Food)
serves 4

3 heads of garlic
1-2 tablesppons olive oil
A pinch or two of dried thyme
1/2 cup grated Pecorino Romano
2 tablespoons cream
1/3 to 1/2 cup of reserved pasta water
3/4 lb. penne pasta
Pepper, to taste

Preheat oven to 375 degrees F.
Slice the top thirds of the garlic. Set on tin foil and drizzle with olive oil, sprinkle with thyme and wrap.
Roast garlic in oven for 1 hour.
Boil pasta according to package directions, reserving about 3/4 cup of pasta water.
Squeeze the garlic out of the skins and heat in a skillet on medium heat with a little bit of the pasta water and Pecorino Romano, whisking until thick and creamy (I mashed up the garlic with the back of a wooden spoon to make the whisking a little smoother).
Turn off heat and whisk in cream, then the pasta.
Stir until pasta is fully coated. If you prefer a thinner sauce, add a bit more pasta water. If you prefer a bit creamier, add a touch more cream.
Season with lots of pepper and serve.

If it weren’t for this subscription, I’d have never found this incredible recipe. So thank you to the mystery person in my life that got me a free year of magazines. Or thank you to the person who messed up in the Living customer service department that got my address from a random mailing list (does this actually happen?). I don’t even mind that the magazine is mostly about *gardening! This pasta just made my week.

*See how I feel about gardening here.
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