an engagement party

An accidental, severely grainy photo, but I love the weathered, of-a-different time feel. 

Amidst this dreary winter we’ve been having, there have been few things worth coming out of the house for. A friend recently got engaged! So Bob and I took a break from our cozy Walking Dead marathon to toast the happy couple and their exciting news at Donatella.

After getting the scoop on wedding plans, which I am really excited for (I looove weddings), we caught up with some friends and didn’t stop jabbering on until we had to leave. Occasionally, we came up for air  only to stuff our faces with meatballs, cannolis and chocolate cupcakes.

I so look forward to other people’s weddings. The excitement of the engagement and it all leading to that one special day where lifelong promises are made and your favorite people are by your side.

I have no idea how I’ve gotten to be so romantic and sentimental recently. It’s true what they say (at least, in my case): you get softer as you grow older.

The party was all very silly and fun and joyful – all of the qualities that you would expect for a celebratory night out with friends. And despite the tameness of it all (i.e. no dancing on tables or chugging beers or anything), my body felt all sorts of run-down the next day. I think it knows it’s not 18 anymore. Not only am I getting soft, but I’m getting achy too. Is this is what I have to look forward to? Woo!

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