adventures in babysitting

So…I’ve never babysat kids before.

I almost hesitate to admit it because it seems every twenty-something year-old female has had some kind of experience caring for kids, whether with their own or watching the neighbor’s children as a way to make a few extra bucks. I’ve never done that. I have very little experience with kids, which is pretty evident when someone hands me a baby and I hold him or her out in front of me asking “What do I do with it?”.

With all that being said, I was pretty excited when my sister called to ask if I would babysit her boys on Saturday. They are at a great age where silly things make them laugh, simple activities keep them entertained and they are (thankfully) out of diapers.

Here’s a condensed play-by-play of our fun day:

First it started with the boys on their Kindles. Okay, pretty easy so far!

Then we moved onto play-fighting, which is totally Bob’s area, as you can tell.

Meanwhile, Jax couldn’t be bothered and was preoccupied with his Kindle, despite our encouraging him to get in the mix.

This is how Mason watched Batman cartoons (pictured here is his Batmobile-riding stance). Side note: Mason thinks Batman’s alter-ago is named Joseph Batman.

Mason’s specialty is his Michael Jackson impersonation. He watches MJ’s videos and concerts religiously, so of course, that kept him busy – and us entertained – for quite a while.

So you know that move that MJ does in Smooth Criminal when he leans really far from one side to the other? This is Mason attempting that.

Jax finally separated from his games to stretch his legs and let me give him hugs, that sweet boy.

But then it was back to business as usual.

Packed up and ready to ship off! All that dancing really wears a kid out, you know?

The kids went home fed, tired out and in one piece. I say…success! Maybe I’m not such a non-kid person, after all?

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