we bought a new sofa!

And I couldn’t be more relieved!

After weeks of Bob and I disagreeing on the softness, firmness, textures, styles and sizes of many a sofa, it was starting to look like we were going to have buy two separate ones for each of us. You should have seen us at our first stop. Our poor saleswoman was following us back and forth across the showroom, while we played a round of “I like this one!”, “But I like this one”, “But this one’s better!”, “No, this one’s better!”.

After a few stops all around Queens, we got to Raymour & Flanigan, where our very nice, non-pushy salesman showed us our new not-too-soft, not-too-firm microfiber chocolate brown sofa.

Here’s me, while Bob is in the background doing all the important paperwork. Or maybe he’s yawning? Or singing into his fist? Not too clear on what’s happening back there.

We celebrated with a super fancy lunch of White Castle burgers and onion rings. It’s our happy food of choice.

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