discovering columbus

The statue of Christopher Columbus in Columbus Circle is elevated at 75 feet high and on any given day you wouldn’t be able to see it up close. Until recently, when artist Tatzu Nishi built an installation around the statue so that people could get a closer view of the famous strusture from the comfort of a…living room!  Nishi built 810 square-feet of a room around Columbus, fully furnished with books, curtains, wallpaper, couches and a flat-screen plasma.

It felt imposing and looked much larger than I’d originally thought.

This is what I look like standing next to a 13-foot something. So big, my lens couldn’t even fit the full of it!

Okay, I’m short so here’s one with Bob who’s 6’2.

See? Giant! But in all fairness, you’re not allowed to stand on the block that gives the statue of about a 1 or 2-foot edge. So there’s that.

And let’s not even talk about the views from the windows. Ridiculous.

Public Art Fund: Discovering Columbus (The exhibit’s last viewing was December 2nd)
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