christmas 2012

Tradition is comforting, especially around the holidays. I like knowing my parents’ tree will be decorated all in gold bulbs and shimmering gold ribbons. I like how we have a countdown for the kids right before they’re about to rip through their gifts with gusto. I like knowing that Dad will make so much food that we’ll have to take leftovers we’ll be eating for days (which isn’t really exclusive to Christmas, to be honest). Maybe I can’t really qualify these as traditions exactly, but there is some degree of familiarity in them and that reassures me. I think you know what I mean.

Even as an adult, I have no trouble getting into the spirit. I sing along to my favorite Christmas songs, I watch my Charlie Brown Christmas specials. But there’s nothing like seeing it through a child’s eyes. I have never seen better behaved children than right before they are about to open gifts! And then when it’s time…it’s on. There are screams of delight, the tearing of wrapping paper and a whole lot of Oh cool!s

It really is Oh cool! to witness though.

Mase tells his brother, “Smile, Jaxie!”.

And just like that, Christmas is over. Came and went so quickly, if you ask me.

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