branden’s 6th birthday

“No more birthdays! No more birthdays!”, cried my 6 year-old nephew Branden, as my brother tried to get him to sit still for a round of ‘Happy Birthday‘ and pictures in front of his cake.

He is the most camera-shy boy little boy (unlike my two other hammy nephews), so you might not see a lot of him here. The moment he sees a camera pointed at him, he promptly turns away and all I’m left with is a big blur or a nice picture of the back of his head. And never have I seen a child so eager to not open his gifts. Only him!

Like all children’s parties in our family, it’s always just as enjoyable for the adults. Sure, there are activities and goodie bags for the kids. But these kinds of events are super fun for us and a chance to catch up with eachother.

Personally, I used it as an opportunity to do a bit of investigating to find out what people needed/wanted for Christmas. So as of right now, I have almost half of my shopping done. Not kidding. Christmas is less than a week away and I haven’t even bought half the gifts I’m supposed to wrap by next Tuesday. I’m having a mild panic attack about it every day. No big deal. That’s just how I roll around the holidays.

And some big kids (namely, Bob) couldn’t stop playing with Branden’s newly-gifted Hulk Hands all night. I guess we at least know what to get Bob for Christmas?

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