swap shop

ClosetDash‘s general idea is pretty simple: swap your unwanted clothes for new ones. And by new, I mean previously-owned but still in good condition, of course. If you’re in NYC, consider yourself lucky and go asap! First, you should probably click on this to get all the details and then go. If you live anywhere else in the U.S., then you’re lucky too because you can easily do swaps online.

I’ve made it known that I love thrift stores and great deals, so obviously this place was my paradise.Jamillah invited me to ClosetDash with her and a couple of friends. So I gathered up all of my gently-used clothes (including a Jem and the Holograms t-shirt that I was sad to part with) and swapped for some threads of equal value. I didn’t break out my wallet once! We ended up staying for oh…a few HOURS just perusing racks, trying on clothes and chatting up the sweet owner Jennifer.

As for my beloved Jem top, I’m sure it will end up in good hands. Jem lovers tend to be pretty awesome people, after all.

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