pizza night

Saturday night, Bob and I did something we rarely do: ate dinner at a table. Or more accurately, our countertop since we don’t have a table. Lately, we’ve been spending our weekend nights at home with takeout in front of the tv. This time, we shut the box off and decided to have an actual conversation. Of course, 75% of it consisted of “Ugh, this is so good!” matched by a “I know, right? This is so good!”. Obviously, we have deep and riveting conversations at dinnertime.

This pizza. It’s The One. Basil Brick Oven is a restaurant that has stolen my heart and tastebuds. They serve a huge selection of personal pies that taste exceptionally fresh and delicious. Everything about this pizza rocks my world. I could go on for days about the tangy-sweet tomato sauce, the rich buffalo mozzarella and the blistered, bubbly crusts. We are obsessed.

*To those that it affects, please stay safe during the ‘Frankenstorm’. Crossing my fingers that I don’t lose power!
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