easy last-minute pop-culture costume ideas

Is it me or does Halloween seem to sneak up on you every year? I always find I’m scrambling at the last second to pull something together, but it usually works out for the best. All it takes is a smidge of creativity and you’ve got yourself an amazing pop-culture-inspired costume. One of my favorite parts about this day is spotting the Amy Winehouses, the Sarah Palins and the Katy Perrys and seeing people’s different takes on each.

Here’s a short list of people and characters in pop culture that can easily be a.) found in your closet or b.) bought in a clothing/thrift store. Perfect for someone who doesn’t want to spend $30 to $40 for a polyester costume-in-a-bag they’ll only wear once.

1.) ’90s Courtney Love

What you’ll need:
*A lacy slip or babydoll dress.
*A short blonde wig.
*Torn fishnet stockings.
*A small tiara (optional).
*A toy guitar.
*Matte red lipstick (preferably a little smeared).
*A middle finger to occasionally flip people off.




2.) Robert Palmer girl

What you’ll need:
*A black form-fitting dress.
*Shiny, red lipstick.
*Heavy, dark eye-makeup.
*A slicked-back bun.
*Black pumps
*Sheer black stockings
*A toy guitar.
*An aloof attitude and a blank stare.


3.) Sandy from Grease, post-makeover

What you’ll need:
*A blonde wig.
*Shiny black leggings.
*A black leather jacket and/or a black off-the-shoulder top.
*Red pumps.
*A cigarette.
*The phrase “Tell me about…stud” in your back pocket.

4.) Alex from a A Clockwork Orange

What you’ll need:
*White pants.
*White top.
*A black derby hat (they sell an inexpensive one here).
*A cane or walking stick.
*Black combat boots.
*Black eyeliner to draw super long lashes below your right eye.
*A creepy, sociopathic smile.

5.) Any of these ideas from my friend, Jamillah.

My personal favorites are the ones pictured below, but there are tons more. Check it!

This year I’m considering Tom Cruise in Risky Business or Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s (both pictured above). And neither require me to buy a single thing! For next year, I’m itching to be favorite hot mess, Courtney Love.

So what about you? Are you into Halloween this year? What are you going as?

Photos: 1.) Sassy ‘n’ Punk, 2.) Philadelphia Weekly, 3.) All Movie Photo 4.) Moviescreens, 5.) Made To Travel
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