comic con nyc 2012

Pardon my geekiness for a minute or two. I just wanted to show you some cool photos from Comic Con last weekend.

As soon as I arrived, I made a beeline for the Archie comics. I haven’t read one in ages, but I do remember I liked to read them while eating microwaved Entenman’s chocolate chip cookies. Something about eating warm chocolatey cookies while reading my favorite comic really heightened the experience for me.

On a side note, I just recently had an Entenman’s cookie for the first time since I was a teenager and I honestly can’t believe I used to eat those things like they were going out of style. Yuck.

Of course, I searched high and low for my beloved Buffy and found a treasure chest of comics and memorabilia. They really know how to please a girl, don’t they?

They know how to please the guys too. Ha.

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