sharon hayes at the whitney museum

I’m not very arty in that I can dissect a piece and tell you, “This work is very derivative of the dark period of [insert ubiquitous artist name here]”. But I enjoy the various forms that it takes, whether it be performance, photography, sculptures and such. I like visuals. I like messages. I like to know what the artist is thinking (especially the nutty, eccentric ones).

As they say, you don’t have to be a good cook to appreciate good cooking, right?

Bob and I went to the Whitney this weekend and saw a few exhibits, including Sharon Hayes’ There’s So Much I Want To Say To You. With the collection of picket signs, soapbox rant audio and photos of political figures and events, it was like being in the midst of giant protest against the Vietnam War, for women’s rights, against apartheid and a million other causes. You really get a sense of Hayes’ passion. It feels alive, strongly opinionated and like you’re being shook by the shoulders.

But art is subjective and personal. And that’s part of what makes it so interesting and controversial. I usually tend to gravitate towards pieces/exhibits that are whimsical, strange, colorful, spooky, uncomfortable or extremely ornate. What do you like (if at all)?

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  2. rooth says:

    I’ve missed the Whitney every time I’ve been in NYC and am making it a point to stop by next time I’m in town. I am drawn to spooky exhibits like I am to scary movies. I want to look away but I can’t! I think the scariest one I’ve ever seen was at the Reina Sofia in Madrid – there was a (fake) human figure hanging by its entrails in the staircase. A woman actually screamed when she wandered in

    • jillian m. says:

      Ha, that’s pretty crazy! I think I’d love to see that exhibit, though. Sounds creepy. And don’t feel too bad about the Whitney. Use it as an excuse to come back!

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