peanut sauce

The last time I made this sauce, I didn’t like it. The peanut flavor was overpowering, so it basically tasted like I was eating noodles coated in peanut butter. I might have overdone it with the sesame oil too. It just wasn’t quite right.

Come this time, I used Sprouted Kitchen’s recipe as a base. Made a world of difference.

The coconut milk is essential, in my opinion. It eases the nuttiness while thinning the sauce to a smoother consistency. I tossed in lots of fresh cilantro too. I’m a cilantro lover, although I know many people loathe it (why?!). In that case, you can leave it out and the sauce will still taste good (just not as good!).

Normally I’d post my version here, but the original is a good base to go off of. It’s what I did, with a little give and take here and there.

Mix in with soba noodles and chicken and you can file this under quick and easy dinners. Bonus: the leftovers taste great the next day.

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