lincoln center out of doors: gimp

Reason # 2578 why I love summers in New York.

The surplus of free and cheap outdoor activities.

Lincoln Center’s Out of Doors series is a free event I try to make it out to at least once in the summer. I never know the performers or the artists, but when the event is free, it’s the best time to be adventurous and discover something new.

Saturday evening, I went to see the Heidi Latsky-choreographed performance of Gimp. My eyes were glued to the stage. I love watching people dance and move and contort their bodies in unimaginable ways.

Bob had a different opinion. I looked over to see if he was enjoying himself, and instead found him texting/browsing on his phone. Guess he didn’t find it as interesting as I did! Don’t feel too bad for him though. He had some overpriced yet ridiculously delicious gelato to keep him happy.

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