friends and face time

Me: I know we always say this, but damnit, we need to get together more often.

Tanya: Yes, we need to make an effort to get together, at least – at least – once a month!

We’re both guilty of saying this to each other at times, but not following through. Life just seems to get in the way. Whether this time is different or not remains to be seen, but the past few months I’ve re-learned that friends are so so so important. Like good friends. The kind that you’re not afraid to cry in front of. The kind that you spill your guts to with no fear of being judged. The kind that you laugh with over nonsensical inside jokes.

Lately, I’ve been making an effort to spend more time with friends. Whenever I do, I feel as though a part of me is enlivened, repaired. Though Tanya’s been going through a very rough patch lately, I know we both feel better just being able to bond face-to-face. When you mix that in with amazing Greek food, red wine and a strict NO BOYS rule, it makes for a really terrific and refreshing change of pace.

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  1. Anita says:

    I know exactly what you mean! I’m trying to refocus on knowing that friendships help to enliven and restore you(or at least that’s the only kind I’m interested in). Hope you are able to really start getting together more often and enjoying each other’s company.

  2. Tanya says:

    It was nice donely seeing you lol..
    I must say our friendship is truly one of kind and I feel so lucky to have a friend like you!


  3. rooth says:

    One on one time with friends is so important but seemingly harder and harder to schedule. Ugh, why is that?!

  4. Miss Vanessa says:

    I think that every girl can relate to this convo. Has had it Multiple times but in the end the most important is having that relationship with them and a great one! :)

    thanks for the post totally put a smile on my face

    • jillian m. says:

      Thanks, Vanessa! I agree. In spite of not following through, it’s important to maintain that relationship, no matter what. Thank goodness for the telephone!

  5. Lena says:

    This looks like a divine evening, and much needed! Since all my closest girlfriends on the East Coast, I’m always wishing I could see them more often!

  6. sherri lynn says:

    I have been feeling the same way! I’m so thankful for the good friends that I have but life has been so hectic I haven’t stayed in touch with them as much as I want to. I’m working on fixing that these next few weeks. There’s nothing like a good girls’ night!

  7. Sapir says:

    This is so great! I’m awful about keeping in touch with people I don’t see on a regular basis. But I so agree with what you said about how after you hang out with someone you feel close to, it makes you feel better, because it truly does! Thanks for sharing, looks like you guys had a fun day :)

  8. colleen says:

    my favorite thing about grad school was that we all had similar schedules – so every friday we girls had a glass of wine together. every. friday. it was amazing. i still cling to a hope that i can set up a regular thing like that – weekly or bi-weekly or monthly. something. because i agree – you always say it, and it falls through, but when you do it it’s just so beneficial in so many ways. loved this post.

    • jillian m. says:

      Thanks, Colleen! In pre-real world days (i.e. high school and college), it was so much easier to get together with people. Those were the days! Now that everyone’s working, married, engaged, etc. it’s so much harder to keep that up.

  9. There something that a good girl friend can give that a boy wouldn’t ever understand.

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