a post-july 4th party

When it’s at 100 degrees F /37 degrees C, there’s really not much to do besides stick your head in a freezer. But my Dad had a barbecue anyway. Because come rain or shine (or extreme heat, apparently), when he wants a barbecue, he will have a barbecue.

Bob and I hopped on bus to NJ to run some errands and make a quick stop at my parents’ house. Quick turned into a few hours. You know how it goes.

Spending time with family you haven’t seen in forever, watching the kids play silly pool games, devouring chicken and every other ubiquitous bbq meat, watching my grandfather salsa dance (I’ve never seem him happier) all make me smile. It made the heat and humidity all a little bit more bearable.

Until the power went out. After having to navigate my way around the bathroom with the light from my cell phone and deal with the devastating loss of air conditioning, it was a sign to leave. I think I could’ve dealt with the lights (or lack thereof). But when you mess with the AC, you can count me out!

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