what to do with a leftover vanilla pod (vanilla sugar!)

You’ve already used the beans for a made-from-scratch vanilla ice cream or cookies or some other type of sweet treat. And now all that’s left is an empty pod.

But don’t throw it away!

Use it to make heavenly, wonderful vanilla sugar (as if regular sugar wasn’t good enough on its own)

Place 1 pod in an airtight jar of sugar – about 2 cups.
Shake and let sit for a few days to a week.
Enjoy vanilla-infused sugar with anything you’d use sugar for, i.e. fruits, tea, cake, etc.

I like to have about a teaspoon or two in my morning coffee. It’s pretty divine.


p.s. Or try tossing in the vanilla pod with this (substitute the extract).

6 responses to “what to do with a leftover vanilla pod (vanilla sugar!)”

  1. Bekuh says:

    That sounds so amazing! I'm going to have to try this asap. I wonder if it would work with cinnamon too?

  2. Ice Pandora says:

    Wow, that easy to
    DIY your own
    vanilla sugar?
    Great detailed
    and sharp picture!


  3. yours truly, melissa says:

    I I use to buy vanilla flavored creamer all the time, but then stopped because of all the artificial ingredients it consisted of. This would be a great & natural alternative!

  4. Lena at A Crimson Kiss says:

    This sounds HEAVENLY!

  5. Meghan @ Wishful Thinking says:

    I actually tried the DIY air freshener so I will definitely be 'spicing' it up by adding vanilla!

  6. Selene says:


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