french food at home

Lately I’ve been taking a cue from Laura Calder’s cooking show, French Food at Home. At present, it’s my favorite show – the recipes are uncomplicated and the end result always looks so appealing, yet realistic. And Calder has such a quiet confidence and charm about her that I could just watch her scramble an egg and it would look as if she made a grand meal.

I’ve been experimenting with a few of her recipes and not one has yet to disappoint.

A savory French toast made with herbs de Provence.
A tumble of green vegetables with shallot (the splash of fresh lemon juice adds a wonderful bright taste) and a surprisingly hearty potato and bacon fritatta.

Check out some of her other recipes here, but I highly recommend watching the show if you have the Cooking Channel.  Yes, she cooks with a lot of butter, as the French tend to do, but just pour yourself a glass of red to counteract the cholesterol – that’s what I keep telling myself, anyway.


p.s. I can also vouch for her creamy pea soup, which is perfect for a light spring lunch (I added a little more water and cream than called for to give it a more soupy consistency. And no straining necessary).

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