new season, new lips

I was sweet on sheer lipsticks for the past year, but lately I’ve been back on colored glosses and matte lipsticks. I guess you can call it spring fever because I feel renewed and ready to come out from the winter funk with some new fun colors.  I’m like, hello world I’m ready to feel pretty again!

I recently picked up two glosses from Revlon, one in Strawberry (a bright pink with just a hint of sparkle), the other in Coral Reef (a peachy-coral that I think would look great on girls with warm undertones). Then I splurged a little for Mac’s cult hit, Russian Red. It’s a classic red matte that I think would contrast perfectly with a little black eyeliner, a plain tee and jeans. It applies impossibly smooth and looks like velvet on lips. I can’t wait to wear it.

What colors are you into this season? Trying anything new?


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  1. colleen says:

    I'm a huge nars lipstick fan and have been meaning to try a red by them, but everyone says such good things about Mac, so I may have to look there. and I know what you mean about trying to look prettier with the weather – it just motivates you. like when I curled my hair this morning. on a Wednesday! that's saying something.

  2. Kyla says:

    These colors are so pretty! Definitely appropriate for Spring. I've stuck to the same shade of red matte lipstick & nivea tinted lip balm for ages now…it might be time for a change!

  3. Maria says:

    I recently bought two lipsticks from Revlon as well! I'm not sure what they're called but they're more so a pinky color!

  4. yours truly, melissa says:

    Oooh! Love the Russian Red…I recently picked up Mac's lipsticks in Chic for everyday and Ruby Woo for a daring red. I'm really liking that Russian Red though…I think I may have to go back and get it sometime!

    By the way, I got both lipsticks for free! I've been using Mac's Studio Fix pressed powder for years and I save all my empty compacts because you can then trade in 6 empty Mac products to be recycled for a free lipstick. It can actually be any used Mac product too (lipsticks, blushes, compacts, etc) It's a pretty great deal!

  5. jillian m. says:

    I've heard some pretty great stuff about Nars too, but have yet to try it. Funny how the change in weather makes you want try new things, right?

  6. jillian m. says:

    Hey, if the red matte and tinted lip balms work for you, then work it! I feel the same about my mascara. I've been using the same one for years.

  7. jillian m. says:

    Revlon really has a nice selection of colors. More than any other drugstore brand I've seen.

  8. jillian m. says:

    Yes, get it! It's such a great color and, I think it could work for both warm and cool tones.

    That really is a good deal. Especially if you're loyal to Mac. I haven't tried their Studio fix powders, but I'd definitely try it since I trust the brand.

  9. Nicolette says:

    I love Revlon lip gloss! I have a cranberry color, as well as a nude tone and I wear them constantly! I'm gonna have to get some brighter colors though, I love the ones you've bought!


  10. sherri lynn says:

    Oh now I want some fun lip colors for spring and summer! That Mac Red looks amazing! Can't wait to see a picture of you wearing it. And I totally agree about wanting to look prettier in the spring and summer… I'm so motivated to spend extra time getting ready because it's just so pretty outside!

  11. Justine says:

    I have russian red by MAC, it is hands down my favorite lipstick!

  12. Lena at A Crimson Kiss says:

    LOVE Russian Red–it really is the perfect color!

  13. vanessa (the gal) says:

    i'm loving Russian Red too! And MAC'S "girl about town" so pink and soooo good! i adore our blog and would love to follow each other if you enjoy mine too! have a great week :)

    xo's, vanessa

  14. Ashley says:

    You've got to show a pic of these on your lips! :)

  15. Nicole Marie says:

    I want a coral lipstick for sure

  16. Jane says:

    I bought Russian Red recently and I really like it! Especially because I've only really used cheaper brands, like Rimmel, before.

  17. Val says:

    I wear russian red almost everyday. For a day time look I slighly apply it and blend with pomengranate lip balm. Love Love Love!!!!

  18. Ivana says:

    I need to lay my hands on that revlon gloss asap, it looks so so beautiful, and it's just my favorite shade! Thanks for the inspiration!

    xx Ivana
    Macarons and Pearls

  19. Aquí says:

    Love the mac lipstick! I want to wear red lip stick so bad, i'm just too chicken!

  20. jillian m. says:

    Girl, you can totally pull it off…

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