how i kick back

After dinner, after I’ve cleared all the dishes, after I’ve packed up the next day’s lunch leftovers, I like to curl up in front of the television with a thin fleece draped over me and a small glass of red. It’s not an every day thing. In fact, it only happens a few days out of the week.

But it’s something I look forward to. It’s my symbol of complete relaxation and unwinding. When that glass is in my hands, that means I’ve surrendered all chores, technology and responsibilities. Nothing but me, the wine, the tv and the clattering of the radiator.

It’s my time.

Before you call me an alcoholic, just know that a glass a day keeps the heart attacks away!

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  1. rebecca says:

    ed and i have been trying to find a taste for red wine for the same exact reason….. i'd rather drink a glass of wine than a handful of cookies after dinner. well, i'd rather eat the cookies actually but that's not the best idea every single night.

  2. Alexa says:

    These little rituals are so important–I'm glad you've found yours! I like to unravel from the day by putting on a record and taking a hot bath, sometimes with the lights off and only a candle burning. I can literally feel my mind clearing.

  3. colleen says:

    hah! girrrlll i am the same. this is how i end my days. and no, one glass does not make you an alchy. this is my favorite way to unwind, too.

    "If God forbade drinking, would He have made wine so good?" – Cardinal Richeleu

  4. Ronnie says:

    Ronnie xo

  5. jillian m. says:

    Ha! Know what's funny? I eat the cookies AND drink the wine. Well, these days it's ice cream, not cookies. I figure the wine cancels out the ice cream. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

  6. jillian m. says:

    Sounds luxurious!

  7. jillian m. says:

    Hahah, yeah! Love that quote.

  8. jillian m. says:

    By the way, you might try with some Pinot noir? I find it to be light and not as dry as some others (like Merlot). It's my wine of choice!

  9. PhotoPuddle says:

    Sounds like the perfect way to relax!

  10. Monica says:

    just-me moments are precious.
    mine (when i can get them) is before everyone wakes, a cup of tea or the little teapot, total silence, gazing out towards the mountains. bliss.

  11. S T E P H A N I E L E A N N says:

    I love how you said when that time comes you've surrendered responsibilities. What a great statement! I think this kind of time has to be intentional. I can't think of a better way to spend it then with a glass of red! :)

  12. rooth says:

    I feel like everyone needs an evening like this every once in awhile. Or in my case, every day :)

  13. Aquí says:

    agreed! Love me a glass of wine to kick back :)

  14. Krysten @ Why Girls Are Weird says:

    A glass of wine is a great way to relax!

  15. I am Megan says:

    Those pictures are making me crave red wine like its the nineteen thirties

  16. Ashley says:

    Oh I am ALL FOR a glass of red everyday :) There will be no name calling from me!

  17. sherri lynn says:

    I love that time in the evenings! It just feels so good to turn off and relax. And your pictures are incredible!

  18. Emily says:

    agreed :)

  19. nancy says:

    that sounds so great :) a glass of red does wonders for me, too.

  20. Lena at A Crimson Kiss says:

    John and I have a little juice glass of wine fairly frequently with dinner–it's just enough to remind us that this isn't time for texting or errands or anything else but enjoying each other. Here's to a little red!

  21. kristina says:

    i wouldn't have called you one, don't worry haha! sounds so great and relaxing right now!! so love that when all is done and put away for the day //

  22. kristina says:

    i wouldn't have called you one, don't worry haha! sounds so great and relaxing right now!! so love that when all is done and put away for the day //

  23. Meghan @ Wishful Thinking says:

    Ooooh sounds lovely! I like a glass of wine while I am cooking to help me unwind, also not a every day thing but at least a couple of time a week!

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