weekend plans

{This was shot in the Creative Little Garden}

I’m in a very good mood today. This is the first weekend in quite a while when I’ll actually have time to organize and do weekendy things without having to rush or keep a strict timetable. And some of us,
including myself, have the extra day off for President’s Day, woohoo! I might even take advantage of the extra day to get started on some Downton Abbey-watching. Oh, the possibilities…

So I’ll leave you with some links to flip through today. There were quite a few things I came across this week that were worth sharing:

DIY paper flowers. Pretty, unique and they won’t wilt!

~ I’ve had chocolate on the brain (thanks to chocolate week on the Cooking Channel),
so it seems appropriate to share sexy salted hot fudge with you. And the best hot chocolate. And milk chocolate pudding with cream and raspberry sauce. You’re welcome.

~ I’ve been turning to this blog for organizational and general home ideas for teeny tiny apartments.

Brooklyn Fare’s statement packaging is unpretentious, straightforward and part smart-ass. I’m liking the little jab at Starbucks.

How to organize your fridge.

~ Can we just take a step back in time and admire the beauty that is ’90s fashion?

Enjoy! And a happy weekend to you!

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