diy glass cups (or recycling glass bottles) – updated

Between the two of us, my boyfriend Bob is more willing to try his hand at the seemingly more complicated crafts and diy projects (I’m a simple girl myself). A while ago, on a major diy kick, he created cups out of glass beer bottles.

It sounds like something that’s difficult, but I assure you, it’s simple. I even made a couple. And that’s saying a lot.

What you’ll need:
a beer bottle with the label peeled off (unlike shown in the photos)
bottle cutter
wet sand paper
lighter or a standing candle

1.) Take the cutter and position the blade around the part you want to cut. With a firm and steady grip, rotate the bottle, only going around the bottle once. You will see a thin, white score line form.

2.) Hold the lighter on the score line and rotate around, very slowly. The heat will cause the glass molecules to expand. If operating on a bottle with thicker glass, then use a standing candle (as shown here) because a lighter will get hot after too long.

3.) This step is important: Quickly, hold the bottle under cold running water, until the bottle breaks along the line. It will break apart easily because the shock of the cold will cause the molecules to rapidly contract. Be sure not to tug or pull on it, as this will cause an uneven and jagged break. If it doesn’t break, it’s because the bottle is thick, so repeat step 2.

4.) Dry off the cup. Sand down the rim with the wet sand paper until smooth and even. This will take a few minutes.

5.) Clean and enjoy your new drinking glass/vase/toothbrush holder/etc!

*Always be sure to wear a mask to protect your nose and mouth from inhaling glass dust (a special thank you to Pamela for pointing this out).

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